Professor Domenick Celentano

Professor Celentano

Welcome to my Fairleigh Dickenson Academic site! Here at Silberman College of Business I teach Small Business Management and Family Business Management, both Undergraduate and Graduate level.

Click on My Courses in the left menu column of this website to find the courses I teach and those that are of interest to you. 
In addition to teaching, I work with Small Businesses, Family Businesses and companies that need Strategic Marketing. In addition to teaching, These business are innovative Small and Middle Market businesses in a wide range of industries.
I created a YouTube "Sneak Preview" video which is more interesting than reading a long series about who I am and how I like to teach. When you are done vieiwing this video go to the My Courses for more details of each course AND several brief videos that summarize the course syllabus, a selection of presentations used in class and a very special video on our exciting year end projects.

Save Gas and Attend Class!

Summer 2012 Classes now offered as a fully online!


What does that mean? This is not WebCampus!


We conduct via the latest in video conferencing technology that simulates the in-class experience.  You have all seen the commercials for GoTo Meeting and WebEx… we will be using WebEx. It is very interactive and replicates the class environment.


In addition to WebEx we will be using Google Docs for collaborative work as well as a class blog to engage in active discussions amongst the entire class.


I have been using the latest digital technologies for several years quite successfully both academically and professionally.


We will discuss the schedule during our first day of class. I can assure you that you will enjoy the experience.


About Me


Held key executive positions in my family business, Celentano Bros., Inc, the 2nd largest national brand in the Italian prepared foods category.

Celentano & Company works with Entrepreneurs and Family businesses.
The Food-Preneur™ provides entrepreneurial Mentoring as well as Professional Educational Forums tailored to the specialty food industry. 
Fairleigh Dickinson University  Adjunct Professor in The Entrepreneurship Department
Small business counselor at the Small Business Development Center at Raritan Valley Community College.
MBA from St. Joseph's University, Philadelphia, PA
BS in Management from Montclair State University
Candidate Post Masters Certificate in Food Marketing from St. Joseph's University, Philadelphia, PA